Saturday, May 7, 2011

The 'Prachalit Nepal' Script

A preliminary proposal to encode the 'Prachalit Nepal' script (प्रचलित नेपाल लिपि) in Unicode has been submitted. The Prachalit Nepal script is the name by which the 'Newari' script is presently promoted. Although 'Newari' has been used in Nepali and Western languages in reference to the Newar community, language, and script, the term is not used by the Newar community.

A specimen of the Newar script from the Linguistic Survey of India (1909):

A chart published by the Department of Archaeology, Government of Nepal showing Newari and other scripts historically used in Nepal:

A chart of 'Prachalit Nepal' from an online script tutorial at 'The Newah':

Research on the script is ongoing. A formal proposal will be developed in collaboration with users of Prachalit Nepal script. I welcome any information or comments!

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  1. Thanks for your information and effort for submission of "Prachalit Nepal" script. I would like to request your to correct the term "Newari" as "Newar" only to represent the Newar community. Newari is not correct term to represent the Newar Community, hope you will correct them accordingly in your future post and activities ...