Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Kirat Rai Script

I recently learned of another script used for writing the Rai language of Sikkim. It was brought to my attention by Bijay Bantawa. It appears to be a revision of the 'Khambu Rai' script I wrote about earlier.

Here are the consonant letters for Kirat Rai with their Devanagari correspondences:

I will soon submit a document introducing this script to the Unicode Technical Committee. Any information about this script is welcome.


  1. I,m rally proud once I found this lipi,How i will get more information
    about this lipi.
    Durga Rai.

  2. I appreciate ur hardwork. it should be much better if a word 'newari' u have denoted be nepalbhasa/newarbhasa/nepabhasa/newabhasa.

    -cause all the languages use in nepal lies in the category 'bhot barmeli'.
    -in the category of language 'bhot barmeli' will not be ekar in thier cast. such as there will not be newari for newar, tamagi for tamang, magari for magar language, and khasi for khas language(old nepali language).
    -if it will be nepali ancient language khasi it represent as goat in nepali language.
    -so be carefull in newari language.
    -Krishna Kaji Manandhar (kk) Nepal,

  3. hey can any one tell me o suggest me how to write SADIP in kirat lipi...

  4. this is script is also known as the kaitae lipi

  5. My name is Jasmine and I am a research student and my subject involves Pahari Miniature paintings, where some of the paintings have Takri scripts at the back and I am unable to find a help who can translate these for me. I was searching online and came across your document reading Takri script. So is it possible that if anyone can help me translate it.

  6. I think Khambu Rai and Kirat Rai are the same script. Khambu Rai is just a cursive, variant of Kirat Rai, but all the letters look the same.

  7. Please can you ad Latin letters also, for us Non-Indians? Thank You.

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